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A Leading Educational Consultancy In Pakistan

Education and Globalization directly compliment one another. The need to strive for better education is a must for decades, and so to carry it forward Routes Overseas Consultants was founded in 2011. With a total years of our experience under ours belt, classy infrastructure and state of art technology, you can expect the best from us.

With a sole motive of guiding students towards the right path to justified immigration and promising bright futures we are now one of the most prestigious and successful agencies in the business of foreign education and Immigration. Simultaneously, witnessing the mounting scale of global job opportunities and immense demand of Pakistani talent in giant economies of the world, we are now pitched for immigration and recruitment to these countries along with the student enrollment.

Company Mission

Routes Overseas Consultancy is a company headed by professionally qualified and certified agents to handle all our clients' needs to study abroad.
We believe in quality services and Our goal shall be to ensure quality services to meet the demands of our clients and our commitment to be a leader in the study immigration services to Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Company Vision

Our vision is to minimize the gap of education standard between a developed nation and developing nation, we facilitate the students who are willing to get international standard of education from a developed nation.
Our company is committed to providing truthful, honest, competent and result-oriented services through advising and representing our clients in overseas in a wide range of institutes.


Routes Overseas Consultancy is a multidisciplinary organization whose main field of expertise is in the education sector. It encompasses an array of services including Educational Consultancy and Career Counseling.
In the beginning we were solely Education & Immigration Consultants of Australia. Gradually the venture spread its roots across the globe in other countries like Canada, UK, New Zealand etc. The expertise of the company however is in helping the students aspiring to study in

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Routes Overseas Consultancy is an education & immigration consultancy firm providing services to the students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies. From choosing the right course to filling the visa application; Routes Overseas Consultants ensures all the applications are processed professionally.

    Mr. Usman Ghanni

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Routes Overseas Consultants

    Routes Overseas Consultants is managed by our CEO, Mr. Usman Ghanni Bhutta, who has done Masters in Bussiness Administration with that he is a certified IATC (ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor) and PIER - QEAC (Professional International Education Resources - Qualified Education Agent Counsellor) in pakistan with a sole motive of guiding students towards the right path to justified immigration and promising bright futures. The ability to effectively manage and nurture a consultancy is not possible with a happy go lucky attitude. It requires persistence, passion, and discipline and Mr. Usman Ghanni is the epitome of managerial elegance.

    As a company grows, there are numerous challenges and barriers that crop up. In the face of these undying encounters, the primary objective is to persevere. Grounded and poised, Mr. Usman Ghanni has been leading Routes Overseas Consultants since 2011. His astute interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence has enabled him to brilliantly guide young and prospective students in different educational forums.
    On top of that, Mr. Usman Ghanni's extensive global exposure in Australia has allowed him to excel in the enrolment of international students. He uses this as leverage to build a solid bond with the student community providing them with an exceptional level of service. He is privileged to be the leader of a highly dedicated and committed team which strives to achieve the excellence in the field of career counseling and overseas education.

    As Mr. Usman Ghanni Bhutta, CEO of Routes Overseas Consultants, has completed the prestigious ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC), a testament to his commitment to excellence in international student recruitment and counseling. Equipped with a deep understanding of the foundations of the industry and honed skills, Mr. Bhutta stands ready to navigate the complexities of the international education landscape.
    With his newfound expertise, he is poised to provide unparalleled guidance to both students and educators, ensuring seamless transitions and enriching study abroad experiences. His dedication to professional development underscores Routes Overseas Consultants' commitment to delivering top-tier counseling services, setting a high standard for the industry as a whole.

    Our Staff

    Our team is combination of highly qualified, compassionate professional with myriads of practical experience in this field who strictly follow up with the documentation work and keep clients well aware about the progress of their application so that they do not have to face any inconvenience.

    Usman Bhutta

    CEO, Founder

    Adnan Shahzad

    Chief Consultant

    Mehboob Ur Rehman

    Office Manager

    Muhammad Rehan

    Admission Counsellor

    Zain Ahmed


    Kashif Anjum


    Hamza Mirza

    Visa Application Assistant

    Hamza Munir

    Data Entry Officer

    Husnain Minhas

    Office Assistant

    Iqra Kamal

    Web Developer