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Company Profile

At Routes Overseas consultants , our expert counselors are working with the vision of providing services of education consultancy and fill the gap and urge of international education in cross- cultural situation that is vital to the development of global concept in 21st century. Our Counselors are Certified Agents ofICEF - ITAC 0284 and PIER Qualified Education Agent Counselor - QEAC No: M283. Our Company is registered by Gujarat Chamber of commerce.

We started working in Jun 2010 and we are proud to say that day by day we are growing. Our team members are expert in professional services with maximum achievements. We know how to care about aims and ambition of students .We consider our achievement when a student’s achieve his/her professional career Goal. A number of our students have been working on leading post in leading companies in Pakistan and nearby countries. we have extended our average study based immigration rate to 2 to 5 enrollments per day. while our evident growth is also based on genuine advice, prestigious representations concentrated to students.

Routes overseas consultants are team of professionals with eight people located in Two Distinct Locations of Mandi Bahudin and Phalia Pakistan. We are proud to say that in short period of time we are one of the leading and trustworthy education consultants of District Mandi Bahauddin.

We are providing education consultancy services for study in Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA, South Korea and Hungary. Students are doing Certificates, Diploma, Advance Diploma, Bachelors and Master degree in different colleges and Universities in categories of Accounting, Automotive, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Hospitality, Mass media, Communication, Environmental sciences, Social Sciences etc and Language courses.

We keep updating our team according to the rules and policies of both Education provider and respective Embassy. Since 2010 we have enrolled about 500 students to different universities and colleges . We believe in authenticity and to streamline our struggles for genuine students only. That’s why in 2018 we had 100% visa ratio for Australian Universities and colleges. The universities we work with trust us to increase their international footprint, access student diversity and provide assured progression, so they can continue to focus on academic excellence